Are you a "webmaster", admin, blog owner or someone with access to index.html files? Are you interested in taking part in the recent global wave of revolution from the comfort of your home computer? Occupy the Internet!

Add the animated GIF army to websites you control (or can get control of) by pasting the following code into any HTML file:

For the full list of occupied websites visit

To add your occupied website to this list send an email to or tweet us @FFFFFAT

Browser Addons

Take over the computers of the 1% by installing Occupy Internet browser addons on their computers:

Chrome Firefox Safari

Webpage Hijack

Use the Occupy the Internet - The Service tool, which lets you enter a URL and protest any website, e.g.:


If you would like to contribute animated GIF occupation soldiers please leave URLs in the comment thread of this post where they will be called up for duty. Note: images should have transparent backgrounds.

Source Code
MIT Licensed


A F.A.T. Lab Production
Concept development by Theo, Jerry, Jamie, Greg, Evan, Aram, and Tobi
Code development by Jamie, Greg, Theo, and Tobi.